I want to fall in love

I want to fall in love, not the kind of love you find, but the kind of love that finds you, the kind of love that makes you dance in the rain, the kind of love that makes you feel like your floating, the kind of love that makes everything possible, the love you read about. I want to fall in love, feel invincible, feel like nothing matters except another second with that person. The kind of love where you plan your whole life entirely based on someone else’s happiness… I want to fall in love…

The back of the Hollywood Sign

The back of the Hollywood Sign. I have photographed the Hollywood sign dozens of times, but never like this. I have always wanted to go to it and see what its like to see the city how it sees it. I have always heard stories about the motion sensors, and the cameras, and the people getting arrested for going up there. This time I was determined to go to it regardless of the consequences. It turnes out its super ez to get to it, hundreds of people do it everyday. There is a paved road that takes you to this very spot. There is security to make sure you don’t do anything stupid but it is not the mission I thought it was going to be. This photos are by far my favorites of the Hollywood Sign. I will be back sometime this summer to shoot it some more, perhaps from a helicopter this time…

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The back of the Hollywood Sign

The back of the Hollywood Sign


Walt Disney Concert Hall

Walt Disney Concert Hall, what a cool building. This day was crazy for us, this was on our way up to burning man. This particular night we were completely exhausted but decided that we still had batteries to go on so we headed downtown LA. We arrived at the HWY intersections where we encountered a photo walk composed of about 20 photographers, so we go talkin to them and next thing you know we had all this new places to go to, this being one of them. We ended up shooting until about 3am and glad we did because this are my favorite photos of this particular trip to CA. More photos of this trip on Facebook.

Here is a bit of info about this place: Walt Disney Concert Hall.

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Le Garage

One of the things I love about traveling besides the beautiful landscapes is meeting interesting people. New Orleans is a very unique place with lots of unique people. Every time I come here I am in awe of the people. Everyone is super cool and the vibe in the air just makes you happy. I shot this at a thrift store where we ended up buying a really cool bag and taking lots of pics of the entire store and its shoppers. This guy was kicking it behind the register reading the paper, upon payment I asked him if I could take his photo. He gladly said yes….

Next time you are in New Orleans pay attention to the people, you’ll know what I’m talking about… I use SILVER EFEX PRO to edit all my black and white photos… Spread the love peeps :)

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Shot of the Day-The Broadway Hollywood

I took this a couple months ago while I was in LA. I was actually driving to the Hollywood sign when I made a wrong turn. I ended up on a street that overlooked LA and I snapped the shutter a few times before continuing to the Hollywood sign. This is one of my favorite photographs of that trip. ISO 200 56mm F/18 1/80

The Broadway Hollywood