Sail With Me

If there is a sunset to catch in Florida it must be in Key West. You can see some of the most insane sunsets from here, this is Mallory Square and I must warn you it gets completely packed so get there a bit early. This place is cool because you have a direct view of the sunset. There are lots of boats going by so you can get some good shots. Make sure you have a zoom so you can compress the sun. I shot this with a 70-200 but if you have a 300 or bigger, its even better.

There are lots of artists there and some great live music, after the sunset you can catch a drink at the famous Duval Street.

Camera Settings:
1/250 sec F16 ISO 100 70-200mm lens zoomed in at 200


Key West Sunset

Here is another beautiful sunset in Key West Florida. I was on my way in to the city and the sun was setting fast I had to pull over and swap lenses fast. I threw on my 70-200mm lens so I could compress the sun. (make it a bit bigger)

It was beautiful being out there to experience this amazing sunset. I can’t wait until the next one.

Camera settings:
1/250 f16 ISO 100 shot at 200mm

Barhoping KeyWest