Lovely sunrise at the Jetty with Rachael

Here is one from a really nice sunrise on the beach. Once I got done shooting the sunrise, I started shooting Rachael as she was checking out the amazing scenery. I love how this picture came out, no posing all natural. The moment was perfect. Shout out to the lovely Rachael for hanging out :)

Camera settings:
1/160 F4 ISO 100 70-200mm


Miami Beach Sunrise This Morning

Here is my favorite from todays Miami Beach Photography Workshop. I love doing this workshops they are so much fun. Loads of awesome photographers always show up and I end up making lifetime friends with most of them. It’s amazing how this has changed my life. Everyone learns awesome techniques and there is nothing better then photography talk with this view at six in the morning.

Below is the edit of the photo, even though I can’t shoot a lot when I’m teaching, I always try to sneak one or two photos in :)

Sunrise workshop (42 of 105)-1

Sunrise workshop (105 of 105)-1