The Oakland Bay Bridge From The Beach Below

The Oakland Bay Bridge From The Beach Below, San Francisco California.

After a long drive up the coast I had made it just in time for the sunset, the only thing left to do was park the rental car and hike down the hill to set up for my shot. I have wanted to shoot here many times but this was my first time. Parking and walking was the easy part, the hard part was hiking down from the main road to the beach next to the bridge, specially since I had no idea where I was going and there is no clear path on where to go on a very steep hill.

Finally I had made it. There I was, now all I had to do was wait for the sunset, get my shot, and hike up the hill in the dark, and it was really really dark.

The sunset wasn’t epic but its wasn’t bad, and the photo well I’m happy with it, its not what I had imagined in my head but I’m happy with it. I wanted more clouds and a crazy pink sky… maybe next time…

This is shot from the East Side of the brigade from Yerba Buena Island facing West. What you see is the Bay Bridge and the San Francisco Skyline Below it.