Pictures of Huntington Beach Pier

I’ve shot the Huntington beach pier many times, but never like this. I shot this pictures with my Dji Mavic on my last trip to Cali. The weather was crazy, they were having a cold front and it was constantly raining. I stopped here for a bit to fly and just enjoy the scenery before getting stuck in traffic for 6 hrs on my way back to San Diego.

I really like how the photos came out and I edited them all with my newly updated Dji Lightroom Presets. I have attached a map incase you are looking for this spot next time you are down in Cali.

Safe travels :)

Huntington Beach 3 of 49

Huntington Beach 8 of 49

Huntington Beach 10 of 49

Huntington Beach 18 of 49

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Huntington Beach Pier

Here is a pic of the Huntington Beach Pier shot with my Mavic. It was my second to last day there and there was a crazy storm. I did manage to get the drone up and get some footage and some pics before the weather got really bad.

Huntington Beach 18 of 49

Surfing USA

Whats the perfect way to end a night? Well, for me it was shooting the sunset, for this two guys it was leaving the surfboards on the sand and going for a quick dip to release their inner child. It was loads of fun to watch and better yet to be a part of…

You can’t see the surfers as this was a long exposure. The reason I did the shot at F22 was to get the startburst effect on the lights.

Camera settings:
8 seconds F22 ISO 320