How to edit a landscape photo

This is a viewer edit. In this video I will show you how I edit this amazing landscape photo using Adobe Lightroom. If you would like me to edit one of your photos please send me the RAW file to the email in the video. If you have any questions drop them on the comments below.

Lake Tahoe Before Sunset

Lake Tahoe Before Sunset

Here is a photo I shot last summer, it was a beautiful day, the lake was still, so still you could see the bottom. Right before sunset the trees glowed with the sun. It was perfect, so perfect I felt one with the lake.

This was shot from Sand Harbor beach. Its a beach facing the West located on the Nevada side. If you have never been to Lake Tahoe, you need to plan a trip. This place is amazing. Below is a video where I show you how I edit this photo.

Lake Tahoe