The Iconic Hollywood Sign

The Iconic Hollywood Sign. This is such an iconic place. I mean it’s Hollywood! do I need to say more? This was such a fun image to create and it is one of my favorite images of all time. So much so that I am actually going to be dropping it as my first NFT. In fact, if you are reading this in the future, the NFT probably belongs to someone else by now.

About the photo: The hike up the back of the Hollywood sign is quite nice. A bit tiring but well worth it, you are climbing the Hollywood hills where tons of Hollywood icons have been. Just think of all the eyes that have been laid upon this sign. This is a very special place and being able to photograph it was amazing.  I have actually been here a few times and this is my favorite image.

I edited this photo with my Lightroom Presets, download them, and give them a try.

The Iconic Hollywood Sign

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30 days of street photography day 17.

30 days of street photography day 17.

I shot this in Hollywood California, talk about a lots of crazies everywhere (I fit right it), if you’ve ever been to Hollywood California you know what I’m talking about specially after the sun sets. I used to live here as a kid every time I come back it just feels right. Anyhow, this kids were so happy they had just met Mikey and Minnie Mouse they shook hands, took pictures and of course the whole experience wouldn’t be complete without this 2 asking the kids parents for money….


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I want to fall in love

I want to fall in love, not the kind of love you find, but the kind of love that finds you, the kind of love that makes you dance in the rain, the kind of love that makes you feel like your floating, the kind of love that makes everything possible, the love you read about. I want to fall in love, feel invincible, feel like nothing matters except another second with that person. The kind of love where you plan your whole life entirely based on someone else’s happiness… I want to fall in love…