Miami Headshot Photographer

Miami Headshot Photographer. I love headshot photography and I happen to do a lot of it here in Miami, LA, and New York. Headshot photography is an art, it is not just pointing and taking a shot. You have to make your subject feel comfortable and give them good direction.

Having done this for the past 13 years, I have found a style and way to make my subjects look amazing in front of the camera. Most of my clients come back year after year to keep their headshots updated and always walk away with a smile.

I have shot so many people from CEOs of large companies to the average person that simply wants to update their linked in profile pic. I find that deep inside we are all the same, and once you find that level of connection with someone, you can immediately create beautiful images.

Meet Martha, I shot her over the weekend and the photos came out really good.  We were both really happy with the results and we even got some bonus fun shots that I sent to her to share with her friends and family. Headshot photography is about having fun and creating professional lasting impactful images while doing it in a timely manner. If you want to see my portfolio you can do so here.

How it usually works: I will come over to your home or office, set up my studio, and take your photos. I have found this to be the best way to get your photos done without sacrificing your time and minimize your efforts. All the work is on me, all you have to do is stand there and look pretty :)

Miami Headshot Photographer

Miami Headshot Photographer

If you want to book a session or inquire about my services, you can do so in this contact form. I will get back to you ASAP. Thank you for dropping in to the blog and being part of the community.

Portraits with Jorge

I love hanging out with awesome people, meet Jorge, he is as awesome as it gets. We had an awesome portrait session. Jorge tried to tell me he has never done this before, however, I think he has done this once or twice before.

He is an awesome photographer and an amazing model. We started off taking some headshots and we quickly moved to the stool. I think the stool worked out great.

It’s always great working with such amazing talent.

I shot these photos with my Nikon D800 and my Nikon 24-70mm.