Miami Harley Davidson

Miami Harley Davidson. Most of you know I love riding motorcycles. I just love being on 2 wheels. Feeling the wind in my face, let me tell you. There is absolutely nothing like it in the world. I understand its dangers but I don’t really think about it when I get on my bike. All the worries, problems go away instantly, I just love to ride.

I don’t really have many photos of me on my motorcycle, and I have always wanted to do a session, however, I find it hard to sit in front of a camera to get my photos taken. Well this particular day, I took a tripod with me and went to ride around. I headed to Wynwood here in Miami and I found this awesome mural. I was drawn to it because of the big ears. I also happen to have big ears lol…

Miami Harley Davidson

Miami Harley Davidson

Thank you for dropping in and reading a bit of my blog. Know that all of these images have a story behind them with these short stories, I make you part of that story.

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Photo shoot with Moe Marks

I did a super fun shoot with my Friend Moe. It was so much fun, we went to the beach, rode my motorcycle and not only that but we made a Vlog!!!

I love getting together with creative people, it is so much fun to just rant about random stuff running through your head. Its crazy to think that there are people just as crazy as you out there! Check out some of the pics we shot and all the behind the scenes action in the video below!

Photo cred Moe Herself