Happy Halloween

This Halloween looks so much different then any other year for me. My baby boy passed away early this year and its going to be weird without him, that being said, it is going to be an amazing one and one to remember. This is what Halloween looks like on the beaches of Miami.

This was truly an epic sunrise, and even though I lost both of my boys, I know they are still with me everywhere I go. Thats what I think about when I’m out and about shooting this epic scenery.

Camera settings: 1/5 sec F22 ISO 100


Its almost halloween

Its almost halloween people, mischief night to be exact. What are your plans?? I know I know most of you celebrated this past weekend, how was it?? Tomorrow is Halloween and here in Miami Beach the celebration gets a little crazy. Lincoln Road gets crazy (crazier than normal) Tons of people come out dressed up and it is a giant party. I go to take photos and of course to see all the pretty ladies wearing almost nothing. If you are in the area I highly recommend you stop by and see the madness, bring your camera and enjoy the festivities….

You can see my photos from last year Here.

DSC 0440

Miami Beach Halloween on Lincoln Road 2012

Miami Beach gets crazy during halloween. Here is what went down on Miami Beach Halloween on Lincoln Road 2012. I made a short video so you can see the amout of people and the craziness that goes down during Oct 31. Most people cary a flash and shoot beautiful woman, not that there is anything wrong with that, but I tend to go for the more artsy stuff. I like the less posed photos, a moment you can actually capture instead of someone just posing for the cam. Here is just a few of the shoots I took. You can also see more on my Facebook. I went out around 8pm and didn’t make it back home until a bit after 2am. I hope you had a great halloween…

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Killer Clown

Rock Star takes the show 1 of 11

Midnight Mass 1 of 1

Why us 1 of 1

Coffee anyone 1 of 1

Thats a wrap 1 of 1

The Last Smile 1 of 1

As close as Ill ever get 1 of 1

What with the Stares 1 of 1

Take me there 1 of 1

Shot of the Day-City Lights Under the Moon

I was doing a photo shoot all day yesterday for a new clothing line, on my way home I was passing down town Miami and the sky looked crazy, very Halloweenish. Though I was exhausted I couldn’t help my self to stop and sneak into some places to get some cool night shots. This is one of them. ISO 100 18mm F/10 30 second Exposure.

City Lights Under the Moon

City Lights Under the Moon