Fuerteventura Sunset

Fuerteventura Sunset

My goal was to go shoot the sunset from Cofete which is in the other side of the island, but when I got there the sunset was hiding behind the mountains and I could not see a thing. As soon as I realized that I could potentially miss the sunset I turned around and headed to the Jandia Salt Marsh and Lighthouse, as soon as I got to the top of the mountain the sun appeared and I had a really big smile on my face, I mean look at this incredible sunset!!!

As I headed towards the sunset I stopped from time to time to take a shot, this was my last stop before the sunset hid behind the sea. I really like the windmill surrounded by the ocean mist.

If you are ever in Fuerteventura, make sure you make the drive, its well worth it, its a long lonely drive on a dirt road but it has incredible views and its super relaxing. I think the sunset speaks for itself. Bring some snacks for the road and make sure you fill up your gas tank before hitting the dirt road.

Camera settings:
1/250 sec f14 ISO 100 70-200mm at 200mm