First Miami Dolphins Game at New Hard Rock Stadium

Here is a picture of the New Miami Dolphins Stadium. The new name is the Hard Rock Stadium and it is very cool. I went to watch the firs game after the renovation. I took my dad compliments of my good friend Rick.  I’m not a Football fan at all, but I love hanging out with my dad, specially at sporting events.

Camera Settings: 1/100 F14 ISO 1600 14-24mm Lens

Miami Dolphins Stadium First Game (16 of 92)

Tropical Park from the Air

Tropical Park is located in Miami Florida, it is a beautiful park full of massive green trees, tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball fields, and an amazing new track and football field. I shot this yesterday right after sunset. The clouds looked crazy, I thought it was going to rain, but lucky for me it never did.

I ended up flying well past sunset, the views just kept getting better and better and I just couldn’t stop. I ended up flying for an hour or so and burned through five batteries. It was perfect, the photos are the icing on the cake.

Tropical Partk Aerial-1

Tropical Partk Aerial-3

Tropical Partk Aerial-2

Tropical Partk Aerial-4

Tropical Partk Aerial-5

Tropical Partk Aerial-6

Tropical Partk Aerial-7