Miami covered in Fog

Miami covered in Fog. I absolutely love it when Miami gets a new look. I find it fascinating when we get a fog frot. It’s magic city in the clouds. I shot these images a couple days ago, I woke up and I had to go get some shots of the skyline looking dreamy.

I know most of it is covered in fog, but it makes for very interesting images. I particularly like the first image best. You can see the bottom of the skyline, the port of Miami bridge and of course, a massive crew ship making a u turn right in front of it all. This is Miami covered in Fog.

Miami covered in Fog

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Everglades Mist

I shot this at the Everglades National Park shortly after sunrise. It was so humid out the entire place looked amazing. It was like something out of a scary movie without the scary part.  I sat there and took it all in before snapping my shutter.

Z tree 113 of 179

Monument Island

I woke up bright and early to shoot the blanket of fog covering the Miami Skyline. It was so thick you could not see anything. Once the sun came up a bit it light up Monument Island perfectly. That’s what you see here. The white monument is in a man made island called Monument Island. What you see in the back are the buildings of Downtown Miami starting to show as the fog cleared up. I shot some earlier where you can not see anything at all. I will post soon.

Settings: 1/125 F16 ISO 100 shot at 200mm

Monument Island 52 of 113

Fog in the mountains

After a long slow drive to Lake Tahoe (due to crazy fog) I finally arrived at 4am in the morning. After shooting the sunrise this insane blanket of fog came and covered the lake as far as I could see. I quickly ascended back to the top of this mountain to get some foggy overhead shots… a bit winded but I made it…

Camera settings:
1/320 F14 ISO 100 24-85mm Les at 70mm


[contentblock id=1 img=gcb.png]

Black and White Photography tips

Black and White Photography tips:

Here are some tips on how to make a beautiful Black and White photograph. I live by this when shooting Black and White.

1. When shooting B&W photography it’s important that you learn to see in black and white. Remember you don’t have color to draw the eye when shooting B&W photography, so you have to find shapes and tones to compose your photo. Study the colors and study the your environment picture all the gray tones and picture everything in B&W. I will keep it short and sweet. If you have any others please share on the comments below.

Arquitectural Photography

2. Always shoot in color, it is important that you always shoot in color. Most cameras out there have a B&W setting DO NOT USE IT. If you shoot everything in color you will have more control of the gray scale in post production once you convert it.

The Man In White

The Man In White

3. Always use the lowest ISO setting possible. This will get rid of the noise in the photograph and you will end up with a great clear photograph. If you are looking for noise do it in post production. I like to add noise to (some) B&W but I always do it in post production that way I still have a very high resolution high quality photo.


4. Always shoot RAW, most DSLRS shoot in RAW (and any camera now a days), again this gives you more control of the image in post production thus making a better B&W photograph. If you don’t have this setting on your camera, don’t worry, you can still make an amazing B&W photograph shooting JPEG.

Venice Beach Ball

5. Contrast is very important when shooting B&W photography, it sets the mood it, it defines your lines, it brings out shapes and shadows you would never be able to see in color photography. Play around with it and make it work for you.


Did I miss any? Please leave them in the comments below.

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Always remember that practice makes perfect, and always have fun out there.