Key West Sunset

Here is another beautiful sunset in Key West Florida. I was on my way in to the city and the sun was setting fast I had to pull over and swap lenses fast. I threw on my 70-200mm lens so I could compress the sun. (make it a bit bigger)

It was beautiful being out there to experience this amazing sunset. I can’t wait until the next one.

Camera settings:
1/250 f16 ISO 100 shot at 200mm

Barhoping KeyWest

Shell Key St Pete Beach Florida

On this particular trip around South Florida, traveling up the East Coast of Florida to Cocoa Beach and ending up St. Pete. (the West Coast of Florida) I was having so much fun that I extended my stay for 2 more days.

You can expect sunsets like the ones below, without any tourists and without any noise. The very few people you see, disappear right after sunset.

St Pete Beach

A few days later I headed South towards Naples Florida and ended up in Shell Key, not too far from St. Pete Beach. It looked promising and I almost took a boat ride there. The boat rides costs $20.00 and they take you there and bring you back.

Before I committed to a boat, I decided to take my drone up in the air and see Shell Key for my self. After viewing it from the air, I decided to pass on the boat ride and keep heading South. I made it to Sarasota….

Shell Key 1

Shell key 2

Shell key 3