Indian Fisherman

Indian fisherman are amazing. They wake up way before sunrise to set everything up, then work their asses off. Its quite sad to see all the efforts they put into their craft often for nothing at all. I watched them and talked to them for a while, they said more times then not, they go home empty handed….

Faces of India

Fishing at the Pier

Living on the water is awesome for me. There is always something going on, from people surfing to fishing and everything in-between.

This is the South Pointe Fishing Pier in Miami Beach Florida. I was actually standing on the pier and when I looked down I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw. This guy kept throwing his fishing net and for a photographer thats eye candy.

I kept shooting with my focus point on him and as soon as he threw the net I would take 2-3 shots.

Here are my settings: Shutter speed 160 f5.6 ISO 100

Nikon 24-85 mm lens D800

Workshops (109 of 145)

Workshops (127 of 145)

Miami Beach Fishing

Its not every morning I wake up and find fisher man out on the beach. Its usually surfers, and beautiful girls doing yoga, but today there was a couple fisher man. The ocean was so calm and quiet, and the fish were biting. Once 6:45 hit, the colors just started getting crazy. Not a bad way to start the week. We will see what tomorrows sunrise has in store for us…

Camera settings:
125 sec F7.1 ISO 100


Daily Photo-The Anchor

This is a great place on Las Olas Riverfront in Fort Lauderdale, FL. A great place to get lost in the madness while having a cold beer on the river.

The Anchor

The Anchor