Best Everglades National Park Photography Spots

You have just found the Best Everglades National Park Photography Spots. I have been shooting the Everglades National Park just about every week ever since I moved to Florida years ago. From the first time I came to the Everglades National Park, I fell in love with the place.

The wildlife is so incredible and unlike anything else, you would see anywhere else in the world. Unlike contrary belief, The Everglades is not a swamp, but a river. The Everglades It is the slowest moving river in the world. The word Everglades means “Grassy River” in the native language.

In this post, I break down the best Everglades National Park Photography Spots. From places, I visit weekly to a few hidden gems. If you need something fully mapped out, download my Everglades Photography Guide

Best Everglades National Park Photography Spots

Best places to photograph in the everglades nationla park

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The Gear

The gear I used for all my photos: Nikon D800 with a Nikon 14-24mm a Nikon 24-85mm a Nikon 70-200 and a Tamron 150-600mm.  A MeFOTO tripod is a must. I edit all my images with my Lightroom Presets download them and give them a try.

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Best Everglades National Park Photography Spots sunset


Everglades Photography Location Maps

1. Robert is Here. Before you officially enter the Everglades National Park, you will come upon a farm with a massive sign on the room that says Robert is here. This farm is amazing, they have all kinds of cool things including this awesome sunflower farm. You must come during sunflower season which is typical during the summer, and get all your sunflower shots.

Best Everglades National Park Photography Spots robert is here

2. Anhinga trail.  This place is incredible, it is at the beginning of the Everglades and it is full of wildlife. Anytime is great for photos here, make sure you bring a zoom lens.
Best Everglades National Park Photography Spots Best Everglades National Park Photography Spots

Wild life photography at the everglades

3. Long Pine Key. This is a really cool spot and campground with water and all kinds of natural beauty surrounding it. Bring your wide angle lens and tripod. Best time to shoot is sunrise.

Best Everglades National Park Photography Spots

4.  The Z tree. This tree is awesome, the story has it that Indians used to bend trees back in the day to know their location. There are currently 3 trees that we know about at the Everglades. Click here for the exact location. Best time to shoot is anytime.

Where is the z tree in the everglades national park

5. Sisal Pond. This is a really cool place, however, to find a good spot to shoot and create a good composition, you need to hike a bit. I recommend a wide angle lens. The best time to shoot is sunset. Sunset at the everglades national park


6. Pahayokee Trail. This place is awesome, the best time to shoot here is an hour before the sunset. If you want birds you must wait, sometimes for a long time. I shot this with my Nikon 70-200.

Everglades florida best photography spots

Best Everglades National Park Photography Spots7. Main Road. When you are driving south towards Flamingo, look out your window for views like this. You can get some epic shots right from the road. Best Everglades National Park Photography Spots

8. Rock Reef Pass. This is a great spot to photograph the beautiful American white ibis. I recommend a Tamron 150-600mm. Best time to shoot is during the daytime. Best Everglades National Park Photography Spots

Best Everglades National Park Photography Spots

9. Mahogany Hammock. Have you ever seen an Owl? You can find them here. This place is packed with Barred Owls and they are very photogenic. I recommend a zoom. Best time to come is before sunset. You can also find other cool wildlife there. Where to photography owls at the everglades national parkBest wildlife photography at the everglades national park

10. Paurotis Pond. This is a really cool place if you are into bird watching. During the bird season, you can catch a lot of different birds here. Below is a stork traveling back and forth to build her nest. I recommend a 150-600mm.Best Everglades National Park Photography Spots

11. Dirt Roads. There are many dirt roads throughout the Everglades, you just have to drive around and find them. Once you do, pull over and get creative. I shot this during sunset on a dirt road.

best places to photograph at the everglades

12. West Lake Trail. This is an awesome trail that leads to an epic view. I won’t spoil it, just be ready to shoot. Best time to shoot is anytime. best places to shoot at the everglades florida

13. Flamingo.  This is the last stop at the Everglades, I usually stop here and have a soda before I head back. This is a really nice park, walk around and explore. Best Everglades National Park Photography Spots sunset

And that wraps it up for this list of the best Everglades National Park photography spots. Remember to take your time, pull over often, get out of the car and take in the scenery. This is a very beautiful place.

Best Everglades National Park Photography Spots Sunset Alligator at the everglades national park

There you have it the Best Everglades National Park Photography Spots. I do private Photo tours in Miami. If you are interested you can arrange it here or use my contact page to get in touch.

Thank you for dropping in. If you fond this post useful and enjoyable, please leave me a comment below and share it with your friends. That is the best way to say thank you. Check out my Photography Guide to Miami.

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Wildlife Photography How To Take Better Wildlife Photos

Wildlife Photography. When you see those incredible wildlife photos in a magazine, you can’t help to ask yourself how do they do that? The photos look so crisp and good that you just want to pick up your camera and go out there and shoot. Even if it’s your dog out in the yard, you want to take that perfect photo.

I spent some time out at the Everglades last week. I wanted to shoot some birds along with some gators and other wildlife. It was so incredible out there, I felt I was part of the Everglades and felt right at home. Photographing birds and wildlife can be extremely soothing. Not only birds but wildlife in general. Being out in nature is a perfect way to release stress and just get lost. This is why I created this video on how to shoot wildlife photos.

Wildlife Photography Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

While I was out there I made a video to show you how I shoot wildlife. In this video, you will see what I do to get the right shot. It is not as complicated as you might think, however, there are things that you need to know like what are the best lenses to use, what is the best Aperture, and shutter speed, and what to look for while you are out there.  This is my favorite lens for wildlife photography.

In this video, I break all these things down and show you exactly how I shoot these beautiful birds. These tips and tricks can be applied to photographing any wildlife, from birds to any kind of animal out there. The Everglades National Park has incredible species of birds, its a perfect place to photograph wildlife.

How to take better wildlife photos

tips and tricks for wildlife photography National geographic photographer tutorials how to take photos of pets how to take better wildlife photos wildlife photography tutorial How to take better wildlife photos

All these photos are from that day. What’s your favorite one? Do you have any tips to add? Leave them in the comments below.

How to travel to the Everglades

How to travel to the Everglades is a really good question. Let’s break it down. What do you think about when you see this image? Every time I am out at the Everglades National Park, and I watch sunsets like this one, I immediately think I am in Africa, I know right? It looks just like you would imagine Africa to look like.

The first thing that comes to my head is the Lion King song, followed by the thought that I am not in Africa, and I am actually at the Everglades National Park in South Florida. What can I say? This place never disappoints, it just feels good to be out here, one with nature, and to catch an African Lion King sunset is just a bonus.

How to Travel to the Everglades

The Everglades is a massive river full of interesting wildlife. What most would consider creepy, I find beautiful. From the time you enter the park, you start to see alligators laying out warming up their bodies through their thick alligator skin.  Once you watch the Gators for a while and get deeper into the swamp, you start to find so many different species of birds, such as owls and vultures.

It is a common site to see vultures eating a rotting corpse, usually a deer or a dead alligator. It is just nature taking its course and you can’t help but watch. Once you get into the waters you can see all sorts of cool fish, from baby fish to the awesome Florida Gar.

The Everglades is home to some of the coolest species in the world. What some people would see in nightmares (only because scary movies paint alligators and vultures as evil), you will find here. Once you are in their element you understand this animal, and you see that there is nothing to fear. They just look a bit intimidating that’s all.

If you are ever on this side of the world, I urge you to go experience the Everglades and catch yourself an incredible sunset. Check out the video below, that’s how my trip to the glades goes.

How to travel to the Everglades

Miami Photography Workshops

Miami Photography Workshops are finally here. I have very exciting news, over the last year I have been working really hard on my new Miami Photography Workshops and tours

7 years ago I hosted my first photography workshop in Miami. I remember clearly setting it up and posting it on my social media. It was a shoot with a model, I ended up selling it out, the attendees had a great time and it was loads of fun. I was hooked…

Fast forward a couple of years. I decided to do all types of Miami photography workshops and more often. I decided to do this for 2 reasons, number one because I really love teaching people, and number two because I never had this type of opportunity to learn.

Miami Photography Workshops

You see, back then workshops where really non-existent, at least affordable ones that anyone could attend. Everything I would ever find was incredibly expensive. Such as 12-day African excursions for loads of cash.  Don’t get me wrong, I would love to go on one, but let’s face it, not a lot of people have that kind of cash or free time to attend one of this awesome workshops.

This is when the lightbulb went on and I decided to create 1-8 hour workshops that everyone could afford. 

I ran all the workshops out of my own website (and still do). Once things started to get a bit crazy I decided to build a new site, add new times and dates and create an all around fun place for people to come learn, participate and take some incredible photos that when WalksOfMiami was born. .This is the beginning of something big. I want to keep adding tours and workshops and I will also be adding new hosts (aka teachers and tour guides) all hand-picked and overseen by me.

Thank you for being part of this journey and for all your continuous support. If you are from overseas and have been asking me about my dates for workshops, guess what, they are happening all the time. Just drop in by and book your tour. I will see you there…

Miami Photography Workshops best photography spots Miami sunrise



The Everglades National Park is Back Open

I am happy to tell you that the Everglades National Park is back open. When hurricane Irma hit South Florida, it left a lot of destruction in its path, especially at the Everglades. From what I was told by the rangers the roads were covered with trees and that the entire place was just in bad shape. The good news is that as of last week, they reopened it and we are good to go.

That brings me to October, this month is the official start of my Capture the Everglades Photography Workshop and Tour. That makes me really happy, as the Everglades is one of my favorite places to visit and photograph. It is so incredibly beautiful out there, I can’t really explain it. Just picture your self-sitting in pure silence hearing birds catching the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen. That’s what happens at the Everglades every single time, and it never disappoints…

If you get a chance to go out there, do it. If you need some guided assistance you can reach me directly through my contact page or simply sign up to one of my workshops. I promise you will not be disappointed and you will come back with a new respect for mother nature.

Everglades 413 of 425