The Everglades National Park is Back Open

I am happy to tell you that the Everglades National Park is back open. When hurricane Irma hit South Florida, it left a lot of destruction in its path, especially at the Everglades. From what I was told by the rangers the roads were covered with trees and that the entire place was just in bad shape. The good news is that as of last week, they reopened it and we are good to go.

That brings me to October, this month is the official start of my Capture the Everglades Photography Workshop and Tour. That makes me really happy, as the Everglades is one of my favorite places to visit and photograph. It is so incredibly beautiful out there, I can’t really explain it. Just picture your self-sitting in pure silence hearing birds catching the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen. That’s what happens at the Everglades every single time, and it never disappoints…

If you get a chance to go out there, do it. If you need some guided assistance you can reach me directly through my contact page or simply sign up to one of my workshops. I promise you will not be disappointed and you will come back with a new respect for mother nature.

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Weekend at the Everglades

There is nothing cooler than spending the day in the outdoors, especially surrounded by friends. The Everglades is one of my favorite places to photograph, it is so challenging, not only the conditions but it’s a swamp full of snakes and gators. Just think about that for a second, sometimes in order to get the shot, you have to go in the water and pretend there is nothing down there.¬† Imagine being in a swimming pool. This is when 30 seconds seems like an eternity. I edited these with my Ultimate Lightroom Preset Collection.

The first image is my favorite, even though I was getting eaten alive by mosquitos, I think it was worth the pain.

The images were shot with my Nikon D800 and Nikon 14-24mm on my favorite MeFOTO tripod.

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Everglades National Park

What a great time I had on my last Everglades workshop, it was full of laughs and the weather was perfect. I did manage to drop my cap in a crazy spot, but I did end up recovering it. You can watch the video of the madness. I have one last Everglades workshop for the season, its always nice ending up the season with a bang. I hope you can make it.

Here are my favorite pictures from that day.
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Epic Landscapes

Epic landscapes is what you will see and experience out at the Everglades. I love being out here, for starters cell phone service is non existent, that in itself is worth the trip.

You can experience this and more at one of my Everglades photography workshops and torus. I have scouted out this place to take you to the most epic places out here at the best times of the day to get the perfect shots.