My secret spot

I love this place, it is a small piece of paradise in paradise. This particular morning was jut epic. I do not thing words do it justice. Check out the video so you can see how amazing the sunrise was this morning. Drop me a line I’d love to hear from you.

Sunrise 44 of 82

Happy Halloween

This Halloween looks so much different then any other year for me. My baby boy passed away early this year and its going to be weird without him, that being said, it is going to be an amazing one and one to remember. This is what Halloween looks like on the beaches of Miami.

This was truly an epic sunrise, and even though I lost both of my boys, I know they are still with me everywhere I go. Thats what I think about when I’m out and about shooting this epic scenery.

Camera settings: 1/5 sec F22 ISO 100


Epic sunrise

There is nothing better then en epic sunrise. I was ready to go, I have been shooting the sunrise every morning for about 3 weeks in a row now, its nice but I had not seen an epic one for a while. Then this happened. OMG I had the fastest grin on my face, it was so good. I love it when everything comes together just right, makes me very lucky to have witnessed this and now I can share it with you guys.

Here is a map and camera settings:

8 seconds F22 ISO 100 14-24mm lens