How to edit a Beachscape using Lightroom and make it pop

In this video I will show you how to clean up a beach scape using some basic but effective sliders. You will see that making a goal adjustments and a few local adjustments can dramatically change an image.

You can see my new The Art of Landscape Photography tutorial by clicking this link.


Sunset in Miami Beach (editing video tutorial)

Here is an epic sunset in Miami Beach. I love this place, in fact I have loads of amazing memories here. A lot of sunsets with my boys that are no longer with me. I often come here to remember our short time together and to just breathe.

Here is a video of how I edited this photo and a map of the location. When you get a chance, come here and check out a sunset.

Miami Beach Sunset (38 of 107)

How to Edit a Storm in Lightroom

In this video I will show you how to edit an incredible storm I photographed and its all done in Lightroom. This photo was a lot of fun to shoot, I had to wait for the right moment to make it happen. I explain everything in the video.

I cover everything from global adjustments to local adjustments and some other cool tricks.

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Lightning (56 of 131)-2

Lightning (56 of 131)