Life after Hurricane Irma

It has been a very hectic 9 days. We have been preparing for hurricane Irma and after it hit we are preparing to be normal once again. It has been hard here in Miami. We lost running water, power, and internet of course.

Miami looked like a ghost town, everyone was hiding out, once the storm got here we sat for 12 hours waiting for the rage to pass. A minute felt like an eternity, we couldn’t leave, just sit in silence with mother natures roar outside the window. Waiting was the only option.

Once the storm finally passed people headed out the-the streets, we were in shock, there were trees and trash all over the streets, around every corner in Miami.

People started to get frustrated, there was no water (running or drinking) and with no power, there was no place to go cool off too. It was terrible and people started to lose it. Slowly power began to come back, and neighborhoods started to get cleaned up, it’s a process that is still going on but people are much more relaxed now. Here is how my day went.

I shot it all on with my favorite vlogging camera and my Mavic Pro. I edited the photo with my Dji Lightroom Presets coastal to be exact.

boat in a football field

Stuck in a Funk

I hate it when I get stuck in a funk, but as an artist you must fight through and get out of it. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it can be really frustrating, you just have to remember to push through it and get the job done.

This was happening to me over the weekend, however persistence paid off. This is such a great spot to photograph, but for some reason I could not find my grove.

I kept pushing through until I finally got a decent shot. Here are the results. Check out the vid to see the how frustrated I was and what led up to finally capturing this shot.

Miami Beach 103 of 135 1

Miami Nights Vlog

I went out to get some night shots with a couple friends and of course baby Chula. The sky looked so good and the vibes were awesome. Thank you for good times guys.

Here is what went down…

Camera settings: 1/5 seconds F18 ISO 100
Miami 95 of 134

Miami Open 2017

Here is a shoot I did for the Miami Open. I had to get a very specific shot overlooking the stadium. You can see what it took to take this shot and the exact shot at the end of the video. During our flight I also shot some artistic shots you can see here. Let me tell you, there is nothing like flying and shooting from a helicopter.

Miami Open 61 of 397

Miami Open 66 of 397

Miami Open 73 of 397

Miami Open 85 of 397

Miami Open 92 of 397

Miami Open 112 of 397

Miami Open 170 of 397

Miami Open 176 of 397

Miami Open 185 of 397

Miami Open 195 of 397

Miami Open 232 of 397

Miami Open 246 of 397

Food Coma (Vlog)

Today’s vlog is about speeding jet skis and a heavy induced food coma I fell into with my mother followed by chasing the sunset behind my house with baby Chula. Check it out.