My Private Island

Ok, not really, this is actually Monument Island located in the Miami Bay. I actually ride my paddle board here and it feels like a private island. Usually filled with boaters from all over Miami and the random paddle border that is looking to get away. I love this place it is quite cool because it is inaccessible by land. I used my Dji Lightroom Presets to edit these photos and a Mavic Pro to shoot them.

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Sail Boat from the sky

Yesterdays post was about perspective, this one is no different. I shot this with a DJI Phantom 3 and as you can see this boat looks completely different then it would as if I shot it form the ground. I added the parking lot to break up the photo a bit and give your eyes a place to wonder to, but if you look at the image you can see that your eyes always come back tot the sail boat.  I shot it from the sky looking down, but I made sure to be off center to use the lines to invite the viewer into the image.


Photos of a crew ship out at sea

I had the opportunity to work with the crew ship, I wanted to capture some amazing photos of the ship out at sea. This gave me the perfect opportunity to pull my drone out and get some amazing shots. Flying around a moving ship can be a bit tricky but it is a lot of fun, and as you see here you can get some epic photos.

The key here is to stay with the ship, if you fly too slow you can easily loose your self and get way behind, lucky for me I always kept my eye on the drone and it never went more then 50 yards away from me.

After all said and done, I edited the photo inside Lightroom and no need to say that the photos look really nice. Another safe flight and successful shoot.





FATHOM AERIAL (11 of 28)

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