7 mile bridge from a drone

I shot these from my drone on my last trip to Key West. This is the 7 mile bridge, one of my favorite places to fly a drone from.

I come here often and every time I do I bring my drone. I can go on and on about shooting with a drone, but instead I have made a video about it I also explain how I get the water to look the way it does. Scroll to the bottom of this post and check out the video.

key-west-aerial-45-of-210 key-west-aerial-59-of-210 key-west-aerial-64-of-210 key-west-aerial-76-of-210 key-west-aerial-118-of-210 key-west-aerial-124-of-210 key-west-aerial-142-of-210 key-west-aerial-156-of-210 key-west-aerial-172-of-210 key-west-aerial-184-of-210 key-west-aerial-191-of-210

Here is a video I did on how I shot all these.

Insane sunset in Miami shot with a DJI phantom

Here is an insane sunset in Miami. I was on my way home from shooting an event when the skies started getting really crazy. I quickly went home picked up my drone and headed back out to meet some friends. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I mean it was insane!!!!

I love the weather in Miami, one second the weather is super chill and next it gets absolutely crazy. I can’t wait to see what tonight brings :)

Here is a link to my drone.






Miami Beach Aerial Pictures

Here are some aerial photos from the weekend. I shot this on my DJI Phantom 3. I love this drone, it shoot well on low lighting situation and the images are nice and large. It has been windy here but I still managed a few good flights. I made a video to show you how you can get some great drone shots as well. Scroll to the bottom to watch. People often ask me what filters I use on my drone, here is a link to the kit I have.

miami-beach-sunset-290-of-319miami-beach-sunset-203-of-319 miami-beach-sunset-160-of-319 miami-beach-sunset-3-of-319