How to edit a photo in Luminar

In this video, I go over Luminar Nepture and their new DJI inspired update. They added some great presets to get make your photos pop. It is really easy to use and goes hand in hand with Lightroom. With the click of the mouse you see the image transforms right before your eyes. I have been using Luminar for a few now and I really like it. Give it a try and let me know what you think. You can actually do layers inside of it without ever going to photoshop.

You can download Luminar for free to in here.  Don’t forget to check out my Dji Lightroom Presets I tuned them just right.

Miami Drone Photos

The sky was on fire like a bomb went off in the distance. It was insane. Luckily I had my drone and I was able to get some really cool footage. I love days like this intense.  The cloud formations were just perfect. I shot all these photos with my Mavic Pro and edited them with my new DJI Lightroom Presets. For having such a small sensor, the camera on the Mavic Pro works great.

Miami sunsets are always epic. 

Here is a video giving you my top 10 drone photography tips. This is how I take all my drone images.

Miami Sunset 6 of 364

Miami Sunset 8 of 353

Miam drone photos

Miami Sunset 30 of 295

Miami Sunset 61 of 85

Miami Sunset 79 of 85

Last nights Sunset was EPIC

I took the drone out for a spin last night and after it rained on my the sky cleared up and the sun lit it up. It was amazing to say the least. Its always a good idea to wait out the weather and see what it does, most of the time you are in for a surprise….


Chilling at the beach

Here is an aerial shot of the beach on a really windy day. The sun was about to set and the beach was completely empty, it was perfect. I love it when there is nobody around, makes me feel one with the beach. Even the lifeguards were gone this particular day.