Life happens so fast here is to life and death

Here is a short poem I wrote in a hotel room a few weeks ago. I paired it up with this photo of the temple burning out at Burning Man a few weeks back. Actually this was born from looking at this photo while putting some words together…

Everything goes up in flames
the good the bad and even the strange days
the heart breaks and the tears
even your biggest fears

You don’t have to worry
this is all too temporary
just keep walking slowly
towards the mortuary



Death, its the only thing we all have in common and by that I mean all living things. Sooner or later we are all going to face it. I consider my self lucky because I faced it (besides a horrible car wreck I sat behind a desk wasting away for years) and realized that in the blink of an eye it can all be over and eventually will be over, and then non of this is going to matter.

I say do what you want, when you want, never look back and wish you would of followed your heart, your dreams, its not easy but you should say fuck it and go live it up, after all you don’t have much time.

I shot this in Kerala India, this was in the morning and I watch this man open up his store, it was located between a few other businesses selling coffee and fruits. What a thing to sell right a comfortable palace to rest when you actually don’t need one…I want to be burned to ashes…

Settings: 1/100 of a second, F6.3 ISO 800 14-24mm lens