Abandoned Lifeguard Station at Sunset

Well not quite abandoned, just empty for the evening. Everyone had gone home :)

I really like this picture, it was almost sunset and I made it to the beach just in time to catch it.  It perfect when everyone is gone and I have the beach to my self, I can actually enjoy the solitude it brings and that is when I truly feel one with the planet.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to live by the ocean and this is what I always pictured. Just amazing sunsets and the crisp ocean breeze blowing in my face….

Camera Settings: 1/80 f5.6 ISO 500 14-24mm lens

Dania Beach Sunset

Stormy day on the beach

Labor day weekend at the beach was amazing. I went with my dad and it was epic. We hung out and walked for a bit before sitting down to catch the sunset. I was loving it taking pictures of this crazy weather. I always say bad weather makes good pictures and I think this picture shows that.

Here are my settings: 1/100 f10 ISO500 14mm with 14-24mm lens

Dania Beach Sunset