Horseshoe Bend Page Arizona

Horseshoe Bend Page Arizona

Here is one of the famous Horseshoe Bend in Page Arizona. I have seen so many photos of this place and have been wanting to shoot it, but I really wanted to get a different perspective, so I flew over it and shot this from the air.

We spend the night in an RV on the parking lot and woke up bright and early for sunrise. It was awesome and worth the early rise. Shortly after we headed to Antelope Canyon.



Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon National Park

As the sun starts to go down the colors start to change, the mood sets, and the universe gets quiet.

For the next 15 minutes you can see the sun hide behind the Grand Canyon, like an orchestra performing in perfect harmony right before my eyes. I take a deep breath, take it all in, and smile.

This is what I love about photography, it’s an excuse to constantly see places like this, record a slice of time, and share it with the world.

These are my favorite shots of the Grand Canyon from my recent road trip to the West Coast.