Shot of the day-The Grasshopper Amsterdam

Like one of many nights in Amsterdam, I went out on a shooting rampage (photos that is) while I was approaching this spot that I had spotted a couple days earlier I saw another photographer, we waved smiled and carried on. I set up my camera and was about to fire and all the sudden I hear “you can see the clock from this angle, its a much better shot” I walked over there and I said your right, he quickly moved hes set up and gave me his spot. I fired my shutter 3 times, we swapped a couple stories and business cards and I went on my way. I love the photography community, its great to meet people out there and help each other out. Makes my love for photography and the photography community that much stronger… By the way the Grasshopper is the coffee shop you see there at the end with green lighting :)

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The Grasshopper Amsterdam