The Biltmore Hotel Miami

One of the most iconic hotels in Miami is the Biltmore Hotel. It is located in Coral Gables and it is an incredible place. As soon as you see it, the Biltmore takes you back in time.

I have shot weddings in this hotel and have been to the EVERGLADES SUITE, this is the largest suite coming in at 1830 sq ft. This is one of the most amazing 2 story suites I have ever been in. (I will post photos later)

I wanted to see this place from the sky and show the property and the amazing golf course around it. If you are ever in Miami and want to check out a historic place, come here. It its truly a master piece.













Led Zeppelin 2

I love live music, but what I like even more is shooting the bands. I love having acces to everything and everywhere with the band, there is just nothing like it. This is Led Zeppelin 2, they rocked the house, played all the hits and sounded amazing, if you ever get the chance to go see them, do it. I was below the stage when the singer asked the crowd to take a photo with his phone, as soon as he said that I jumped on stage in les than 2 seconds and ran behind the singer and was able to get this shot right on time. I shot lots of cool photos of the band from all angles and it was a ton of fun. Shooting live music rocks!!! I will make a full post about them with all the cool photos. Spread the love peeps…. Check out their Facebook.

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Led Zeppelin 2