Oldest Church in Miami Beach

This is the oldest church in Miami Beach Florida. It is located in Lincoln Road and I walk by it almost daily. It is a very lovely church and I really like the simplicity of it. Founded in 1921 and every religion is welcome it is a non denominational church.

It was rumored for a long time that they were going to tear it down, so I went in to speak to someone about it. The rumors were just that, rumors. The church is there to stay and open to the public. Below is a video of how I retouched this photo of this incredible place.

Oldest Church in Miami Beach

Saint John’s Cathedral in Valletta Malta is Covered in Gold

Saint John’s Cathedral in Valletta Malta

I have been to hundreds of temples, churches, and cathedrals all around the world, but none have impressed me as much as Saint John’s Cathedral. The Cathedral is located in Valletta Malta, and it’s straightforward to find just ask anyone you see, and they will point you in the right direction.

Every corner of this place is covered with something, from the floors to the ceiling there is not an empty spot.

All the gold you see is gold leaf done by hand. In fact, while I was there, an artist was working on restoring a wall. I remember thinking while watching her, It must take months to do a small piece.

I walked around inside for about an hr, and I couldn’t get enough, I was mesmerized by its beauty.

Saint John’s Cathedral

The interior of Saint John’s Cathedral, in sharp contrast with the facade, is extraordinarily ornate and decorated in the height of the Baroque period. The interior was decorated mainly by Mattia Preti, the Calabrian artist, and Knight. Preti designed the intricately carved stone walls and painted the vaulted ceiling and side altars with scenes from the life of St John.. Wikipedia

Getting here is not hard, just ask around if you get lost but when you walk in if your jaw is not on the floor, you are in the wrong place.

About the photos:

I used a wide angle lens to get the job done. I did not use flash and shot everything handheld. Here are the settings: f2.8 ISO 1600 14-24 mm lens. The shutter speed varies from 1/40 of a second to 1/120 of a second. All shot with my Nikon D800e

I edit all my images with my Lightroom Presets download them and give them a try.

Saint John's Cathedral in Malta Church made out of gold in malta valletta

Saint John's Cathedral in valletta Malta

Golden Church in Malta

Most beautiful church in the world

Famous church in Malta

Valletta Malta Church

Church made out of pure gold

Pure Gold golden church, valletta malta church

Have you ever been? Drop me a line, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this masterpiece, I always wonder why we don’t build things like this anymore.

Shot of the day-Reno Courthouse

Happy Friday peeps, here is a photograph I took from my last trip to Reno Nevada. I am actually standing on a rock that was in the middle of the Truckee River. Next to the church there is the Reno Court House.

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Reno Courthouse

Reno Courthouse

Shot of the day-The Grasshopper Amsterdam

Like one of many nights in Amsterdam, I went out on a shooting rampage (photos that is) while I was approaching this spot that I had spotted a couple days earlier I saw another photographer, we waved smiled and carried on. I set up my camera and was about to fire and all the sudden I hear “you can see the clock from this angle, its a much better shot” I walked over there and I said your right, he quickly moved hes set up and gave me his spot. I fired my shutter 3 times, we swapped a couple stories and business cards and I went on my way. I love the photography community, its great to meet people out there and help each other out. Makes my love for photography and the photography community that much stronger… By the way the Grasshopper is the coffee shop you see there at the end with green lighting :)

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The Grasshopper Amsterdam

The Grasshopper Amsterdam