The River Cafe

Making my way to dinner I ran into this awesome scene. It reminds me like something out of a movie. I was so hungry and tired, but I had to set up my tripod and take this shot. Needless to mention it was freezing cold out and my hands were extremely cold. I like how the photo turned out. I’m glad I stopped and took the picture.

Camera settings: 20 seconds F14 ISO 100

New York City Reflections

Here is one I shot on my last New York City workshop. This was one of the last photos I shot during that trip. It was so cold I could not feel my fingers, my face, my feet, anything at all. I remember thinking “if the photo comes out good, it will be all worth it”

Camera settings: 30 seconds F18 ISO 100

Brooklyn bridge for Infinity and Beyond

Brooklyn bridge for Infinity and Beyond

Here is a photo I have never published before, anywhere. This was right below the Brookling bridge on my way home one night. It was cold and my feet were wet, but I could not stop shooting. This sculpture graved my attention and I count not make out what it was, until a lightbulb when on… Its the infinity symbol. I love the contrast of the color against the blue sky.

Camera settings:
4 seconds F20 ISO 100