Hurricane Irma aftermath Miami Florida

I woke up bright and early to see what had happened in Miami after the Hurricane Irma paid a visit with winds if the excess of 100 MPH. This was a crazy and very tense experience. I am very happy to tell you that the damages were not as devastating as they could have been.

I am also very happy that I am able to write this post so you can read it. After experiencing this insane Hurricane named Irma, I was happy to see the streets were no longer flooded and clean up started immediately.

Here are some of the images and video I was able to capture this morning. I am safe and can now say I have experienced mother nature in full force.

As the sky closed in and a light breeze started, we know what was about to unfold. Now the sun is out the skies are clear, as if nothing ever happened.

Miami will never forget such an event and will come back stronger than ever. Stay strong Miami.


Friends in High buildings


It pays off to have friends in high buildings. I ways bring my camera everywhere, specially when I know I might not get the chance to photograph something from that particular location again. When someone invites you over somewhere cool you would never have access to otherwise, you should always say yes!!! Here is why. These are views of the new Brickell City Centre and of course the beautiful Miami waters. How could you say no to this insane views.




City Centre

Here is a shot of the new City Centre in Brickell Miami. I shot this as the sun was going down, I had to wait for a while to get the sun reflecting on this beautiful windows. I also wanted the city skyline reflection to be in the photo.  My goal was to capture the new City Center in this amazing golden light.




Brickell Reflections

I shot this photo from Brickell Key, and let me tell you, I always get kicked out of there for taking pictures. Whats with you people?? I hate getting kicked out of places for taking pictures, why is this place so exclusive, don’t pretend you do not enjoy looking at photos on the internet. Its so frustrating. I know you want me to buy your photography permit so you can make a few bucks off of me, but I mean really I can’t take pictures form your island??

The security guard told me I could take pictures with my phone just not my camera. So you rather have crappy pictures of this place instead of good ones??? Makes no sense.

Anyhow, I always manage to take pictures before I get kicked out, but it never fails…. At this point it has become a game.

Brickell reflections

Brickell Key Miami Florida

This is Brickell Key in Miami Florida, it’s a private small island that has some stunning views. This place is really cool to shoot from, if you are in Miami this place is a must. This particular shots are from the air, I clearly remember this day, it was gloomy but since there was not any direct sunlight it made for a great shooting day.

I really like the overhead views, it shows a different perspective and it just looks cool.

brickell-key-1 brickell-key-2 brickell-key-3