5 tips to shoot Street Photography

5 tips to shoot Street Photography.

I have put together 5 tips on how to approach street photography. I love graving my camera and going out to get some street shots. This is a totally different animal. Street photography is all about being incognito, and getting the shot. Shooting people up close can be a bit scary and intimidating, you never know the reaction you are going to get from people. You have to be on their face and just not care, basically you have to have some balls.

It took me a while to get comfortable with doing this, you never know if your going to get punched on the face or get a good reaction. I must say I have been pretty lucky and only had one bad incident. You will get asked to stop and delete the photos from time to time but I usually ignore them and get lost in the crowd. For the most part people are super cool, even gansters. I try not to make eye contact, go up to someone snap and disappear. You will find that 90% of people out there like their photo taken. Its their 15 minutes of fame. Click here to check out my New York Street Photos.

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Here is 5 ez tips that will help you over come your fear of strangers.

1. Go shoot with a friend, it’s always easier if you go with somebody else.


2. Start from a distance until you get comfortable. Try to work up your courage slowly.


3. Be invisible, try not to be seen, don’t make eye contact and be quick. Blend in, be a chameleon.


3. If you do get caught smile and don’t be intimidating, if you get asked what you are doing tell them you are an artist, its a project for school or tell them you were shooting the person next to them.


5. Have fun out there, thats why we do this to begin with because its fun.


I hope this helps and if you have any tips to share with me I would love to hear them, please post them below.

Click Here to download my Lightroom Street Photography Presets.

Carbonell Brickell Key

Here is a photo of the Carbonell Brickell Key condos. I went out with some friends to photograph buildings this particular night and I wanted to get some clouds painted on the background. This was the first photo I shot and luckily I got the shot because right after the sky cleared up and the clouds never came back for the rest of the night.

This was shot at 230 seconds, F22 ISO 50, 14-24mm lens cleaned up in Lightroom 5.

Carbonell Brickell Key

Shot of the Day-Rest in Peace

Yesterday I went out on a quest to find the perfect shot as always. I went to lots of places but at the end of the day I found my self at central station in Miami Florida, when I was leaving I spotted this man laying there taking a nap resting away, I approached him and took this photo…

Don’t forget to check out my B&W Tutorial for some great tips on B&W photography. Have a great weekend everyone, pick up your cameras get out there and have some fun…

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Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace