My Private Island

Ok, not really, this is actually Monument Island located in the Miami Bay. I actually ride my paddle board here and it feels like a private island. Usually filled with boaters from all over Miami and the random paddle border that is looking to get away. I love this place it is quite cool because it is inaccessible by land. I used my Dji Lightroom Presets to edit these photos and a Mavic Pro to shoot them.

Monument island 35 of 35

Monument island 22 of 35

Monument island 15 of 35

Daily Photo-Sea Land Champion

Sea Land Chapion 1

Sea Land Chapion

Walking home from the beach I spotted this massive cargo ship making a U turn, its really impressive to see this two small boats tow around this massive ship. I had to stop and watch it happen. The sky looked really  amazing almost like it was on fire. I pulled out my camera and here is what I saw.

Daily Photo-South Pointe

DSC 01363

Red City

I was doing a shoot for my friends yesterday at South Pointe Park, during the shoot I had to get them out of the way and shoot the sun hiding behind the Miami high rises.