Paris Hilton Dj’s Art Basel

I had the pleasure of shooting Paris Hilton During Art Basel week. She made an appearance at a private party, and let me tell you she still has a massive following. After about an hour of her taking selfies with fans and on the red carpet she made it up on stage. I thought she was going up to wave a the crowd, but instead, she started to tear up the turntables. I had never seen Paris play before, and I was pleasantly surprised. She can get down and pump up the crowd.

As soon as she started playing the floor filled up with people dancing and trying to sneak a photo of Paris with their cell phones, it was impossible to get through that crowd, so I waited until her set was almost over to get in the crazy crowd and get a shot.

Here is one of my favorite photos I shot of her. She was dancing, pumping up the crowd and just having a good time.  It’s good to see Paris in Miami, especially during Art Basel.

Paris hilton djing

Art Basel 2013

Good morning and happy Sunday, here is a quick post of whats coming for this December for Art Basel 2013. I will be unveiling my new Floret Collection at Art Basel this year. I am super exited and invite everyone to come see it. I will have more on this coming soon. For now feel free to check it out and share this with your friends. Have a great rest of the day…

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Floret FAcebook

Wynwood Miami

Wynwood Miami

How was your Christmas? Mine was awesome, hung out with my family and kept it really mellow, I like it that way. I can’t wait till New Years is over so everything can get back normal, seems like everyone goes crazy this time of year.

Here is a vid I put together, this is Wynwood the art district here in Miami Florida. This is a great reminder how important the art community is. People love to be creative and express themselves and share it with the world whether that is in making clothes, jewelry, a custom bike, a painting, a photograph, music or whatever. I feel that it is extremely important to support your local art scene. Anyways enjoy and spread the love peeps…

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Here is a photo of one of many Dj’s that play it this bad ass place…
Wynwood Miami

Shot of the Day-Copper Bike

Art Basel 2011 was super cool, tons of art from street performers to amazing high end pieces of art. This is a bad ass hand mande custom chopper entirely made out of copper, not only an amazing piece of art but a bad ass custom bike as well. This just shows that there is no limits when it comes to art.

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Copper Bike

Copper Bike