best photography coffee table books for inspiration

What are the best photography coffee table books for inspiration? Not a question people often ask, however they should.

I have a really nice collection of photography books. I keep some on my coffee table, when people come over they pick them up immediately and next thing you know, we strike up a conversation about photography and inspiration.

ansel adams

Looking at a photo on a screen is one thing, but looking at a photograph on paper is an entirely different story. It draws you into the story, making it a much more personal experience.

I often sit in my office and go through this books, especially when I need a creative boost. I find that it is so easy to sit in front of a computer and scroll through photos, but that gets me a bit frustrated. To sit in a quiet place and opens up a book to check out some amazing photos is an entirely different experience. It gets my creative juices flowing and that makes all the difference.elliott erwitt

By the time I get done going through images in a book, I can Harley wait to get my hands on my camera, hit the streets and start taking some photos. It works every time. These three should get you started with a very nice collection of some incredible photography books. Soon after you look through these, you are going to want to publish your own.  Do you have a photo book collection? What is your favorite photography book to look through?


Vivian Maier





When everything comes together

Ansel Adams once said “Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer – and often the supreme disappointment.” I could not agree more with this quote. It is only when all the elements come together and you happened to be there that the magic will happen.

For me, that was yesterday. It all happened so fast, but when it was all said and done, it was perfect. Top that off by an awesome circle of friends to share that moment with, and you have the perfect recipe for awesomeness.