American Airlines Arena from the Air

Someone asked me what my most favorite aerial photo I have ever taken is, and with out thinking about it, this one came to mind. From the moment I shot it I really loved it. I think it tells great story. This is the American Airlines Arena, where the Miami Heat play. I shot this at night and it turned out just incredible.

I often try to replicate this image but it is impossible, this was it, the moment is captured forever.


American Airlines Arena Miami Florida

American Airlines Arena, I shot this from a friends pool. Believe it or not his building has a pool on the roof with an amazing deck and an incredible view.

The first time I was there the pool was closed for renovations, I was so sad to hear the news because I knew the potential this place had for some great photos. Luckily for me a few days later the pool was back in action.

Camera Settings:
25 seconds f/16 ISO 100

American Airlines Arena

American Airlines Arena

I went out to shoot the skyline this particular night but I couldn’t get anything I really liked, I finally drove to this other spot in hopes of getting a nice shot of the American Airlines Arena and some of the Miami skyline. I took to shots and this one I like the best.

Settings: 30 Seconds f/11 ISO 100 24-85mm lens