The Everglades

Happy Saturday!!! I just got back from a crazy business trip, it was exhausting and unforeseen but everything went extremely well. You know when the pieces of the puzzle are finally starting to come together? This trip was all about getting all the right pieces to fit just right. (more on this later)

The photo, I shot this at the Everglades a few weeks back, this alligator was just chillin in his element it was so cool to watch. I love the Everglades is unlike anything else out there, and the animals that live out there are simply bad ass. You know the Everglades and Business are a lot alike, only the strong survive… Click on the photo to enlarge.

Check out the song of the day, turn up the volume and click play, grave a broom and get jiggy with it. Right click to download for free. Animal – Miike Snow.

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The Girl in Purple, Everglades National Park

I shot this in the Everglades National Park, this was my first time here and I must say this place is incredible. Im fully addicted. This particular day I got caught in a storm but I didnt quit shooting instead I went deeper and deeper into the swamps and got some really cool photos, this particular one was at the beginning of the trail… Alligators Rock!!!

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The Girl in Purple

The Girl in Purple