I love patterns, specially these type of patters. I shot this with my drone shortly after sunrise. Its crazy to me how everything looks from the sky, its almost like a board game. Things take different shapes and tell different stories, its quite amazing how this all takes different shapes and forms the higher you go.

I shot this on the beach at the W in Miami beach, I love the contrast of the pink against the sand.




The Perfect Storm is Brewing in the Air

Here are some really cool photos I shot the other day from my Drone. I was doing a live broadcast you can see on my Facebook, and of course during the broadcast I was shooting video and stills.

This day was crazy, the sky just turned black and you could see a crazy storm coming in from the west. I quickly put my Drone up in the air and started shooting before the storm could reach me.

This was a great flight, I always tell people that bad weather makes for great pictures. Remember when there is a storm, do not pack up your things and go home, instead pull out your best gear and go shoot. You will be surprised.






Collins Ave Miami Beach Florida

The street you see there is Collins Ave. One of the most popular streets in Miami Beach. I shot this when I was doing a Facebook live broadcast showing people around where I live. I do this often and they are lots of fun. Its a good time to connect with me and chat for a bit while watching some really cool aerial video of Miami Florida. I particularly love this shot because you can see Collins Ave between the buildings. Look at that water!!!!

Dania Beach Sunset (1 of 109)

Venice Beach California Skate Park Shot From A Kite

Venice Beach California, one of the coolest places in the world. I actually shot this photo about 4 years ago and I shot it from a kite. Yes a kite. Before drones were easily available and affordable there were kites, and believe it or not I used to do lots of kite photography.

Those days were awesome, setting up a kite and this crazy rig to go on the kite where your camera would attach to, it was scarry to say the least but lots of fun. It is fully controllable from a remote control except you can’t see the what you are shooting, its kind of a guessing game.

I have really been into this aerial photography thing for a while, its so cool seeing the world from above.

Venice Beach SkatePark-1

Miami Open Aerial Photo Shoot

I was hired by the Miami Open to do an aerial photo shoot of their stadium. This was by a tall order. The shot they wanted had to be a head on shot of the stadium during a game but the helicopter could not interrupt the game. I had to make sure I had the right equipment for the job, I knew what time I had to be on top of the stadium to minimize shadows, and also I had to make sure I understood how high up the helicopter had to be up in the air in order to be silent to the players.

Lucky for me I have done lots of helicopter work. I knew exactly what had to be done to get the job done. The pitch angle of the helicopter was so crazy I felt like I was going to fall out. (thats what happens when you are hanging out of a helicopter with the doors off) The job took about 2 weeks to complete. From the initial meeting to the actual delivery of physical prints. (thats what the client wanted)

When you sign up for a job like this you have to make sure you do not go in over your head. This could of been one of those jobs if you didn’t understand how aerial photography works.

If you ever take on a job like this make sure you know a great pilot that can help you get the job done in a safe and timely manor.

The first image is what I was hired for. The rest of the images I got for the client as a small token of my appreciation for giving me the job.

If you need a aerial photo shoot anywhere in the world, contact me. I will be happy to help you. If you are an aerial photographer and have any questions, drop them on the comments below.

Cardon Park Miami  (78 of 577)



Cardon Park Miami  (98 of 577)

Cardon Park Miami  (169 of 577)


Cardon Park Miami  (186 of 577)