Surfs Up

Top of the morning from Miami Beach. It is so beautiful out here. I was taking some aerial shots for my Youtube Channel when I saw this guys just walking up the beach. I got closed to them and snapped this shot. I love how the water came out on this one.

Miami Beach 77 of 101

All Aboard

Here is another cool shot of the Carnival Splendor leaving the port of Miami. It was making a U turn on the bay, it is so crazy to see, just picture an elephant taking a bath in your bathtub.


Sail Boat from the sky

Yesterdays post was about perspective, this one is no different. I shot this with a DJI Phantom 3 and as you can see this boat looks completely different then it would as if I shot it form the ground. I added the parking lot to break up the photo a bit and give your eyes a place to wonder to, but if you look at the image you can see that your eyes always come back tot the sail boat.  I shot it from the sky looking down, but I made sure to be off center to use the lines to invite the viewer into the image.


Kite Photography

Before there were drones, at least affordable ones, there were kites. Thats right kites, kites and wind and all kinds of craziness. I have been in the aerial photograph game for a while. Do you see those two little figurines on the floor? Well thats me sitting down and my buddy next to me. The white line you see coming down the middle of the photograph is actually the cord holing the kite. Its kind of a complicated process. First you attach everything together, including a camera to a rig I had custom built. Then you fly the kite, this is the hardest part, but once is up you are golden.  Its loads of fun to take pictures this way, specially because of all the work involved just to get one single image.

Ants in my pants