Street Art in Brazil

Brazil, what an incredible place, the people, the landscapes, and the street art. As soon as I got out of the plane and onto the streets thats the first thing that I noticed, was the incredible street art, its everywhere.

You don’t see bad graffiti I mean you see some incredible pieces of art. Everywhere you walk, everywhere you look, its there, an amazing piece of art for you to enjoy. I felt like I was walking through the art district the entire time I was there, and let me tell you the vibe is in the air.

From the beaches, to the favelas, and everything in between, here are some cool pieces from Rio.

street art brazil-18

street art brazil-2

street art brazil-3

street art brazil-4

street art brazil-5

street art brazil-6

street art brazil-7

street art brazil-8

street art brazil-1

street art brazil-9

street art brazil-10

street art brazil-11

street art brazil-12

street art brazil-13

street art brazil-14

street art brazil-15

street art brazil-16

street art brazil-17

street art brazil-19

street art brazil-20

street art brazil-21

5 tips to shoot Street Photography

5 tips to shoot Street Photography.

I have put together 5 tips on how to approach street photography. I love graving my camera and going out to get some street shots. This is a totally different animal. Street photography is all about being incognito, and getting the shot. Shooting people up close can be a bit scary and intimidating, you never know the reaction you are going to get from people. You have to be on their face and just not care, basically you have to have some balls.

It took me a while to get comfortable with doing this, you never know if your going to get punched on the face or get a good reaction. I must say I have been pretty lucky and only had one bad incident. You will get asked to stop and delete the photos from time to time but I usually ignore them and get lost in the crowd. For the most part people are super cool, even gansters. I try not to make eye contact, go up to someone snap and disappear. You will find that 90% of people out there like their photo taken. Its their 15 minutes of fame. Click here to check out my New York Street Photos.

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Here is 5 ez tips that will help you over come your fear of strangers.

1. Go shoot with a friend, it’s always easier if you go with somebody else.


2. Start from a distance until you get comfortable. Try to work up your courage slowly.


3. Be invisible, try not to be seen, don’t make eye contact and be quick. Blend in, be a chameleon.


3. If you do get caught smile and don’t be intimidating, if you get asked what you are doing tell them you are an artist, its a project for school or tell them you were shooting the person next to them.


5. Have fun out there, thats why we do this to begin with because its fun.


I hope this helps and if you have any tips to share with me I would love to hear them, please post them below.

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Miami Heat Parade 2013

Miami Heat Parade 2013

Happy Friday the 13th. Earlier this year I shot the Miami Heat Parade. I shot it last year and I got some cool shots, but this year I wanted to get something different, I wanted to step outside the box and get some really unique shots, not what you see floating around the internet, but really something that would stand out.

I walked up and down the streets looking for a place to shoot, but I couldn’t find anywhere that was remotely safe or easy to get onto. Everything was packed and everyone was fighting for a spot. Imagine thousands of exited sports fans trying to get a free seat as close to the players as possible… exactly….

As I was walking towards the American Airlines Arena, I was crossing the railroad and I saw that everyone was up on top of this light stand, so I decided to give it a go. Not only was this light stand packed with people and the cops where yealling at people to get down, but the people already on there would not let anyone else up there. I fought my way and got my self a spot. After all this then I could start shooting.

I wanted to shoot the crowd more so than the players, I mean to me the crowd was far more interesting than some guy holding a trophy. So I started yelling and waiving at people waking by and taking their photos….. This is what I came up with…

Miami Heat Parade 2013 24

Miami Heat Parade 2013 23

Miami Heat Parade 2013 1

Miami Heat Parade 2013 2

Miami Heat Parade 2013 5

Miami Heat Parade 2013 7

Miami Heat Parade 2013 11

Miami Heat Parade 2013 12

Miami Heat Parade 2013 13

Miami Heat Parade 2013 18

Miami Heat Parade 2013 3

Miami Heat Parade 2013 15

Miami Heat Parade 2013 16

Miami Heat Parade 2013 21

Miami Heat Parade 2013 22

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Google Glass Photowalk

Good day peeps, last week I was in San Francisco and I got to go to this awesome Google Glass Photowalk. The #TreyHawkWalk with Trey Ratcliff and Thomas Hawk, there was over 400 people and it was kind of nuts but lots of fun. If you want to see more photos from the event go HERE.

Below are my photos from the walk, I was focused on street photography more than anything else. This was shot with my Nikon D800 but I was also shooting film. Photos to come soon..

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NYC Street Photography

No doubt my favorite places to be when I go anywhere is where there is lots of people, (crazy people), I mean what better way to get to know the place by observing the people right? NYC Subways is no different, I can spend hrs down there, its like another world. I actually did, sometimes staying until 3am, thats when the freaks come out. This are my favorite photos from the streets and Subways of NYC from my last trip there last month. NYC Street Photography, gotta love it.Check out my Street Photography Tips Here. Spread the love people.

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Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans

Upon my arrival I was greeted by security and a massive movie production crew, I paniked and wanted to turn around and find a different way to sneak in, but at that point I was committed. When I got to the gates the security guard looked at me, (it helps to have a pretty lady in the car) I smiled and waived as if we knew each other, at that point she waived me in. As I got to the parking lot, there was a massive tent, lots of movie trailers, and what seemed to be the grounds keeper staff in the North East part of the parking lot. Thats where I went to park. As I graved my gear and got out of the car, this guy approaches me, I thought for sure he would kick us out, instead he says, “make sure you go that way (points) and stay away from the film crew, you should be alright” He knew we didn’t belong there and exactly what we were doing, and was cool enough to let us know what whats going on and point us in the right direction. We ended up spending about 3 to 4 hours there and saw some really cool stuff. Not only an abandoned theme park, but also a massive movie production.

I have been wanting to come to this place since Hurricane Catrina, and I finally made it happen, what an amazing place to be. Six Flags New Orleans. This place is massive and a photographers paradise. Not only did I get tot see this place at its worse, but also at its best with the rest of Hollywood.

At the end of it all we where able to get in the car and drive away like nothing ever happened with a massive smile and cameras loaded with goods… Talk about a great day.

Below are some of the images I was able to capture, most of the park was all ours with the exception of a few spots full of people prepping for the film. Please let me know your thoughts and if anyone from that film ever stumbles upon this post, thank you for letting us walk around in awe of this place.

DSC 2469

DSC 2485

DSC 2511

DSC 2550

DSC 2592 1

DSC 25891

DSC 2574

DSC 2580

DSC 2610

DSC 2614

DSC 2628

DSC 2643

DSC 2658

DSC 2674

DSC 2700

DSC 2778

DSC 2835

DSC 2865

DSC 2970

DSC 3015

DSC 3021

DSC 3048

DSC 3052

DSC 3090

DSC 3093 1

DSC 3093