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Discover Miami Beach from a Photographer's Eye

The Miami Beach Complete Photo Guide

Discover how the most epic photography locations in Miami Beach

I believe that sharing photography locations is the key to our success!

Miami Comercial Photographer

Edin Chavez, author of this site

I have been working on this guide for a very long time and I am happy to finally bring it to you.

Take your time getting to know all that Miami Beach as to offer using my photography guide.

What is this photography guide about?

In this guide, I will take you through Miami Beach Best Photography Locations in detail.

You will see Miami Beach like never before. I cover the best places to shoot, what time is best to shoot per location, and which is the best lens to use at that particular location. We go over camera gear I recommend.

Adding detailed maps and sample images to every single location makes things a lot simpler. Not only that but also camera settings for all my images.

Who is this guide for?

You need this guide if you are planning a trip out to Miami Beach.

Whether you are a tourist just visiting for the day with your iPhone or a serious photographer, this guide is for you.

This guide is for anyone heading out to Miami Beach for a couple days of a few weeks. I highlight the best photo locations. 

The Miami Beach Photography Guide will take you through some incredible locations where you are guaranteed to get some incredible shots.

This Miami Beach Photography Guide is available for instant download.

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Edin's photography guide was key to capturing the shots in my portfolio.

Dan D

/ California


This guide made my trip to Miami just perfect. For once I did not have to worry about finding the perfect locations. Thank you Edin

Ren Watson


Pure GOLD!

Erin Z.

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