On this particular trip around South Florida, traveling up the East Coast of Florida to Cocoa Beach and ending up St. Pete. (the West Coast of Florida) I was having so much fun that I extended my stay for 2 more days.

You can expect sunsets like the ones below, without any tourists and without any noise. The very few people you see, disappear right after sunset.

St Pete Beach

A few days later I headed South towards Naples Florida and ended up in Shell Key, not too far from St. Pete Beach. It looked promising and I almost took a boat ride there. The boat rides costs $20.00 and they take you there and bring you back.

Before I committed to a boat, I decided to take my drone up in the air and see Shell Key for my self. After viewing it from the air, I decided to pass on the boat ride and keep heading South. I made it to Sarasota….

Shell Key 1

Shell key 2

Shell key 3