Key West Seven Mile Bridge Sunset Aerial Photos

Key West Seven Mile Bridge Sunset Aerial Photos.

I have shot this bridge may times, I have ridden, driven and walked across it donsens of times, but this time I was flying over it. I spent the day out in Key West with my parents for my moms bday. I had rented a helicopter to shoot the seven mile bridge and watch the sunset later that evening. What an incredible day, specially because I got to ride in a heli and watch the sunset with my mom.

Here is some shots I took of the bridge from eye level to 1600 feet facing South. Click Here to see the images in full screen in my main site. They look way better.

As far as my favorite shots, I really like the last 2, they were shot with very little light from about 1600 feet with a 14-24mm lens, at 14mm. Really really wide. I like how you can see Key West fading into the night.

Drop me a line, Id love to hear your thoughts.

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