Santa Cruz Coast

I love Santa Cruz California, in fact ever time I come to California I make it a point to visit this amazing place. The Santa Cruz Vibes are just awesome, I want to live there at some point in my life, but then again, where do I not want to live…

I need 10 lifetimes to live everywhere in the world, at least for a day in each place…

Santa Cruz California

Shot of the Day-Paradise Inn

Good morning peeps, I just got back from the West Coast from an amazing 7 day trip, 4,366 photos on my cam, plus a few on the cell phone. I am exhausted but have lots of great stories. From Reno NV to Santa Cruz CA and everything in between. Shot with some amazing photographers, made some funky videos, had some great food and tequila shots with my great crazy friends, wine tastings in Napa, amazing views on HWY 1, lots of walking and exploring, lots of laughs and naps, and of course got to off road my rental car :) I almost forgot all the tolls and parking tikets here and there… Perks of the job I suppose.

This is a photo of a little motel in Santa Cruz CA. I was looking for a pakring spot to go get a bite but of course lots of photos got in-between. I have been here a million times and I love this place, there is just something in the air that is just cool… After this photo we finally parked, ate, and carried on with the journey… Thank you so much to everyone that put a smile on my face and partook on this awesomeness.

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Paradise Inn

Paradise Inn