Best Photography Spots Reno Nevada

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Reno Nevada, also known as “The Biggest Little City” Known for its gaming and being close to Lake Tahoe (Nevada and California). These are the best places to shoot in Reno Nevada.

I shot both of this photos shortly after sunset. On the first photo it was so cold I couldn’t wait to be done, but I had to tough it out as the conditions for photos were good.

For my composition, I wanted to get the mountain in the back as part of the landscape because its one of Renos most popular sky resort “Mountain Rose” and the Reno skyline would not be the same without it.


The gear I used for all my photos: Nikon D800 with a Nikon 14-24mm and a Nikon 24-85mm.  A MeFOTO tripod and a wide angle is a must. I edit all my images with my Lightroom Presets download them and give them a try.

Best Photography Spots in Reno Nevada

Camera settings:
6 Seconds F16 ISO 100 70-200mm lens at 122mm

Reno Nevada Skyline 2

Getting to this spots:
The best time to photograph any of this two places is at sunrise and or sunset. (I prefer sunset)

You will need a tripod and zoom lens of your choice, but it must be a zoom because the city is far away.

The dots on the map indicate where I was standing. Super easy to get to and accessible by car.

Camera settings:
6 Seconds F16 ISO 50 24-85mm lens at 85mm

Reno Nevada Skyline

  • Sudheendra says:

    Another skyline I am planning to chase this weekend…any recommended vantage locations where we can get this shot pls

  • Sudheendra says:

    Worked like charm, you are my spot hero ??

  • Paul Gagnon says:

    Great photographs. I am a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted police and will be travelling to Reno next year for a conference. I am also planning on bringing all my gear with me, however bringing a tripod may be a bit of an issue. Is there a place in Reno where one can rent a tripod for a week?
    Not sure if you are into going on photography excursions but I will also be looking for a local friend that would like to ride around and take photos some evenings.

    • edin chavez says:

      Hi Paul, that’s great, I do not live in Reno and I am not sure about tripod rentals, however, you can buy a me-foto tripod at best buy. They are inexpensive, good and small enough to fit in your suitcase.