Pyramid Lake Nevada

A giant mirror in the middle of the desert placed there by the gods, there in complete solitude hearing my own thoughts, when dusk came a pack of coyotes followed running me off leaving me with great memories and a few photographs.

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Pyramid Lake is located 40 miles North East of Reno Nevada. You will know when you get here. When you first peak over the mountains you see a massive mirror on the floor surrounded by mountains, when you stop and shut off your car it is so quiet you can hear your heart beat.

Pyramid Lake Nevada

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This particular lake is unlike any Lake I have ever been to before, and there is something very special about it. I can’t explain it, is just so peaceful and magical., it is in the Paiute Tribe’s Indian Reservation and most of the East side is off-limits to the public. (that’s where I shot all this photos except for the first one)

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People come here from all over the world to fish for LAHONTAN CUTTHROAT TROUT. The world record for this particular species was 39 inches long, weighed 41 lbs. and was caught in 1925 from this very Lake by Mr. Johnny Skimmerhorn.

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If you ever make it to Northern Nevada, you have to check out Pyramid Lake, there is nothing here but peace and quiet. A great place to reflect, think, write and take some photos. If you come here alone even better, you can begin to understand how powerful the desert is, specially at night…

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