The Business of Photography Masterclass

How to make money with your photography

Due to its popularity, I have created an online course. You can enroll for The Business of Photography Masterclass in this link.  I am currently NOT teaching this in person. 

The business of photography

Dear Photographer,
I want to ask you some questions:
Are you tired of chasing clients and begging for work?
Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars on gear, material, software and see absolutely zero return on your investment?
Are you tired of your friends and family always asking the “Why don’t you get a real job” type of questions?
Are you tired of the stereotype of the broke photographer?
Don’t you want to spend more time actually taking pictures instead of running around looking for work?
Don’t you want clients coming to you, instead of you going to them?

the business of photography masterclass

Hi, my name is Edin Chavez, and I was just in the same place as you (sadly, most photographers are).
It wasn’t until I realized that the people at the top of the industry, the top 5%, do things very differently than the rest of photographers out there; that I started making some money.
The way they do business
The way they get clients
The way they spend their time
The money they get paid
The business of photography

They do things differently, and when I started applying those same principles, my life changed drastically.

Nowadays, I am a professional photographer, I work with the big names and I want to help you get to this level too.

Here are some of my clients you may have heard of: National Geographic, Nikon, Green Mountain Coffee, Corona, Miami Open, iHeart, Radio, Volvo, Curtis Stone, Andrew Zimmern, Placido Polanco, Joanna Krupa the list goes on.

And is very simple to get to this level, as I said, you just have to do things slightly different;

So I put together a course in which I tell you ALL the secrets, that I call:

The Business Of Photography MasterClass

Here are some of the things that I cover:

How to make $$$ with your photography: the truth that nobody talks about
How to properly market your work, and what kind of work is the best to get clients
Why is better to work within a niche and how to choose it
How to properly price your works, so you can finally start getting paid what you are worth
Competition, and what to do about it
What makes a website successful and how to have one that you are finally proud to share
The overwhelming world of social media and how to finally dominate it instead of the other way around
The most profitable tool in the Internet, EMAIL, and how to properly use it
Integrating everything for your marketing purposes, and how to properly market your projects
Finding long-term clients and steady work, so you can finally relax knowing that the paychecks will keep coming, and spend even more time dedicated to your craft!

Past students are raving about this class already,

“I want to thank Edin Chavez for his great attention, professionalism, and care to all the class participants. It was probably one of the best experiences and classes that I have ever attended. An amazing mentor and professor and also great people who participated. I will go any day and anywhere again with Edin. Once again thanks for your love to the art and the great heart to help others to achieve your amazing skills.”Carmelo C

Look I know we are not photographers just for the money, in fact, I was a really successful business owner before starting this amazing journey in photography,
but I got tired of that soul-sucking 9-5 job so I quit, to pursue my passion, photography, and is something that I actually look forward to every time I get out of bed in the morning

But we have to be honest, photography is a really expensive career,
the lights, the lenses, the bodies, the batteries,
plus transportation, food, rent, courses, books

It’s almost like an uphill battle, where everyone is throwing rocks at you from the top, and also, you’re blind, with a 50 kg backpack
Ok, maybe not like that haha.
But you get the idea.

Enrolling in this course is the first step to following your dreams and finally making money as a photographer. You do not want to miss this class.
Also, spots are limited, so you should hurry up.

See you on the inside!


This is the first step to following your dreams and making money as a photographer. You do not want to miss this class. I will see you there.

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