Drinks anyone?

Here is a shot I did for the W in Miami of their new drink menu. You have to be careful when shooting drinks. We used 3 strove lights and the lounge area as a back drop.

When you are on a shoot like this you have to get very creative, you have to make sure that your lighting is dead on and that your drinks are just perfect. Lucky for us we had an incredible bartender to help us dial in the drinks to a t.

This particular shoot took about 4 hrs from start to finish and I cleaned up all the images in Adobe Lightroom. I am very happy with the results.















Editing product photos

Editing product photos.
Hi peeps, here is a photo of a Oakley Watch I did for someone, and I wanted to show you how eazy it is to actually edit. It’s really not as hard as you think. Perhaps other photographers use other techniques but this is how I do it. Let me know what you think and I hope you find it useful when you are shooting products. You can practice this by simply taking some of your own stuff from around the house.

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Here is the photo straight out of the camera:
Oakley Watch

Here is the photo after Lightroom:
Oakley Watch