Lovely sunrise at the Jetty with Rachael

Here is one from a really nice sunrise on the beach. Once I got done shooting the sunrise, I started shooting Rachael as she was checking out the amazing scenery. I love how this picture came out, no posing all natural. The moment was perfect. Shout out to the lovely Rachael for hanging out :)

Camera settings:
1/160 F4 ISO 100 70-200mm


Looking into the future

I shot this photo a few weeks ago, this model was actually posting for another photographer that was at doing a shoot with her at the beach. I love how she looks so natural just looking into the water, I used the boat in the composition to add a point of interest as opposed just the beautiful model. I also love the color of the water and the contrast of the colors.

Camera settings: 1/125 f4.5 ISO 125


Street photo shoot

Taking photos is the funnest thing ever. It gives me the excuse to go out and do something fun. I shot this girls a couple days ago and let me tell you we had a blast. What started off as an idea ended up begin the funnest part of the day. I did manage to break my camera but it is on its way to get fixed. The murals you see are from Amanda Valdez and Diana Contreras, I’m not sure about the other ones.

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Baby Julious Wynwood (12 of 192)

Baby Julious Wynwood (32 of 192)

Baby Julious Wynwood (58 of 192)

Baby Julious Wynwood (101 of 192)

Baby Julious Wynwood (113 of 192)

Baby Julious Wynwood (190 of 192)

Baby Julious Wynwood (164 of 192)

Baby Julious Wynwood (160 of 192)

Photo edit:

Camelot Days Medieval Festival

Good day people. This past weekend was my first time attending the Camelot Days Medieval Festival and it was amazing. What a cool event. I have to tell you I am hooked on this, I will be attending this thing and other events like it from here on out. I didn’t really know what to expect but upon my arrival I was greeted by a beautiful lady dressed time period correct, I was hooked from that point on. From all the costumes to the events it was just super cool. If there is things like this going on in your neck of the woods I highly recommend attending and bringing your camera, people are happy to be photographed.. Here is a few photos from the event… You can see more on my Facebook…Spread the love peeps…

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20121018 20121018 DSC 3481

20121018 20121018 DSC 3367

20121018 20121018 DSC 3384

20121018 20121018 DSC 3448

20121018 20121018 DSC 3469

20121018 20121018 DSC 3541

20121018 20121018 DSC 3604

20121018 20121018 DSC 3647

20121018 20121018 DSC 3650

20121018 20121018 DSC 3666

20121018 20121018 DSC 3674

20121018 20121018 DSC 3687

Shot of the day-The Enigma

Its Sunday funday peeps, whats on your agenda for today? The weather is crappy here so its a coffe and editing day for me. Check out The Enigma, I went to a tattoo convention yesterday and got to meet this dude and lots of other cool peeps. He puts on a pretty cool show with knives, chainsaws, hooks, apples, lights, all kinds of craziness. Hes a little crazy but really cool and funny dude… The Enigma Rocks!

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The Enigma

The Enigma

Homeless Portraits

Homeless Portraits.

I have always been intrigued by people. I always find my self talking to all types, but homeless people intrigue me the most.  I want to know what happened, how did they get to where they are. At one point they were somebody’s little bundle of joy right? I often go to the beach and hang out with them, some are really sick and some are completely normal, they simply gave up or could not overcome an obstacle in their life.

It is amazing when you start talking to them you realize they are just like you and me, nothing different, they want to be loved, understood and hugged from time to time. In this project  I wanted to capture their soul by looking beyond their eyes with my camera.  Next time you see a homeless person dont be so quick to judge and disregard them. Lend them a hand instead…

Please keep checking back as this is an on going project and please help me spread the love. . .

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DSC 3660DSC 5570Mercury Man1

DSC 3670

DSC 3646

DSC 3457

DSC 3322

DSC 3292

DSC 3266

DSC 3126

DSC 3121

DSC 2850

DSC 2675

DSC 2667