Port of Miami Sunset (how to video)

I shot this a few weeks back from South Pointe Park here in Miami Beach. I often come here to watch the sunset and watch the ships leave the port of Miami. Its an spectacular site to see, not only the massive ships leaving but also the amazing sunsets you get to see from this park. This sail boat was coming into port as this ship was leaving and it looked like they were going to crash.

I made a video to show you how to edit photos like this one and get colors out of your images. Thats why its very important to always shoot RAW. (I made a video on this, its somewhere on my channel)

Camera settings: 1/200 of a second F2.8 ISO 500 I shot this with a 70-200mm lens my Aperture was wide open and my ISO was high because I didn’t have a tripod and had to shoot this handheld, shooting the photograph this way prevented any blur or fuzziness on my photograph.

Miami Port Sunset

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